24 Months.
1 Pass.

Collect work from all of your favourite artists with one pass.

100 Editions SOLD OUT

What is the Alphadoggg Tag?

The Alphadoggg Tag is a 100/100 edition NFT (designed by the amazing CFW), that provides all of the utility described below for its holders, for 24 months.

Primary price for the Alphadoggg Tag is 2 ETH, and there will only ever be 100 available.

Once the 24 months expires, tag holders will have the first right to renew for the next two years as we evolve Alphadoggg.

Signature Drops

Every month for 24 months, each pass holder is able to claim a Signature Drop for 0.1 ETH.

These NFTs will be minted into the Alphadoggg Signature collection, and tradable like any other NFT you own.

All art displayed is to show the work of the artists and is not representative of what they will create for the drops.

Our initial lineup of artists includes:

  • - Des Lucrece

  • - Brandon Mighty

  • - Mark The Habibi

  • - Timpers

  • - Shakkablood

  • - Jake The Degen

  • - Whatisreal

You may want to hold onto your Signature collection, as there will be a reward for those that hold all 12 at the end of the first year

The Artists

Limited Drops

Every few weeks there will be a limited drop of smaller edition sizes. These could be 25/25 or fewer, that will be raffled between AlphaDoggg pass holders that are interested.

The claim price for these may vary to be in line with the artist and what is being released.

Our initial lineup of Limited artists includes:

  • - Zack Ritchie

  • - CFW

  • - Liquid Density

  • - Waxbones

The Artists

Wen Utility?

The Alphadoggg Tag is primarily about the NFT drops, but we might have some more tricks up our sleeves.

We will be actively working to provide regular exclusive whitelists opportunities to collectors, and any additional value we are able to provide.

We are very excited to have you along for this journey.